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What Grocery Departments Can Benefit from Custom Displays?

Aug 15, 2019


Have you ever walked into a grocery store and felt a nice sense of calm because everything was laid out in the most perfect way? While the food is the reason you are taking that trip to the grocery store, what carries that food is what gives you that calming feeling. It’s no surprise that the structure is appealing to the human eye. If we see things organized and in their own unique places, it is quite satisfying.


Grocery stores know this all too well and understand that the foundation is key to creating an inviting atmosphere for all those who enter. Since stores typically have a variety of departments, they have to ensure they all work cohesively together whilst still showcasing what they have to offer. Own a grocery store in Vancouver? You and your customers can benefit from custom grocery displays.


So, what departments can benefit from custom grocery displays?

Ah, fresh baked goods


Going to go out on a limb here and say that the bakery section of any grocery store is everyone's favourite. From the smell of freshly baked bread to the view of the most decadent, mouth-watering desserts, the bakery section has a lot to offer. The most important aspect of the bakery section is visual appeal. Since this section typically has the most unique products, from custom made cakes to colourful macarons, it’s important to put that at the forefront of the section. 


Custom displays can allow for products within the bakery section to be showcased in the most optimal manner. They also help organize products such as bagged and bulk bread, making it that much easier for patrons to follow the scents and get exactly what they want!


Wake up and smell the flowers


Well, we must say, the bakery section has some competition because the floral section is another fan favourite. This section comes down to aesthetics and visual appeal hence why a proper display is important. Imagine having an array of beautiful and exotic flowers and plants only to have them hidden or poorly organized. Custom display cases can help flowers and plants shine and allow patrons to view an array of them all. 


Custom floral displays can also help keep plants and flowers shining all-year-around. For example. A display case that can enclose in colder months will keep the plants and flowers within safe from harsh weather while still providing customers with a view of the selection. 


Produce galore


When walking into a grocery store, most of the time you will notice the produce section sits right at the front. Being that this is usually the first thing customers see, it’s important to ensure produce is laid out in an aesthetically pleasing and functional manner. In terms of produce, functionality is the main forte. What does this mean exactly? Imagine someone is coming in to buy blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries - all fruit products. They would be under the assumption that relevant items are near each other. If blueberries were on one side of the produce section, strawberries on the other side, and raspberries in the middle, this could lead to a host of confusion and frustration.


Grocery displays help grocery store owners and merchandisers organize their product in a manner that is optimal for the everyday shopper. Vegetables in one section, fruits in another, all in plain view when a shopper walks in. 


Nice to MEAT you


Meat and seafood - albeit not the most visually appealing sections but a section shoppers frequent for key ingredients to their dishes. Custom displays for these sections work in a few ways; keeping meat/seafood organized, keeping them fresh, keeping any smells within.


When it comes to the organizational aspect, displays that lay out various meats and seafood in an easy to follow manner are important. Shoppers should know where the poultry is and where the beef is without having to refer to the packaging. In terms of freshness, displays play a huge role in keeping meat/seafood in the best condition while still being able to showcase it all. Bonus points for displays that keep the smells clear from the store!


When it comes to your grocery store, the layout is a huge driving factor for driving new traffic and keeping the current traffic as well. Having products displayed in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner can be the difference between a frustrated shopper and a satisfied shopper. 


Looking to revamp your Vancouver-based grocery store? Contact us for all things display-related!