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Thinking About Custom Cabinets? Heres What You Need to Know First!

May 03, 2019


In the retail and grocery industry space, competitive players are constantly looking for a niche touch to add to the consumer experience. From the second someone steps into the location to the product browsing to the purchasing process, there are many ways that a company can create a unique touch. Businesses in this sector are often looking to brand themselves differently with new products or high levels of customer service but those have become the norm. To stand out, top retailers are creating a more engaging in-store experience through distinctive displays such as custom cabinets.


On the other hand, personal homes are also a customer avenue as families are often looking for custom cabinetry. Whether this is for a personal office, upgrading a kitchen area, or simply creating cabinets for storage areas, there are many options that Belpar, a Vancouver based company, can assist with. Understanding the different factors and unique features that each customization can bring is important so that your final product can fit your needs.


Choosing between Stock and Custom Cabinets


The first factor is to decide what type of cabinets you are looking for. Whether that be custom display units for unique product lines or custom millwork fabrication for your kitchen area, determining the functionality of it will help you figure out whether it is a custom cabinet, stock cabinet or something in-between. Take a look at the fit through what the purpose of this storage space is as well as your financial budget to narrow down the options.



What is the Difference between Stock and Custom Cabinet Options?


Stock options are ready-made cabinets that are mass produced and be customized through the colour. This is one of the most efficient ways if you are looking for a quick option to get cabinetry done. Fully custom options are completely built to your specifications. This is the most expensive and labour intensive option, but it will fit perfectly with what your needs are. Semi-custom options are in-between choices that have customizable sizes and additional details but the structure is generally the same.


What should I Consider for Sizing Options?


Another important factor is dependent on what you are looking to display or create storage. The layout and planning for a customized cabinet will need this information for the size to be accurate and useful.


For example, if you are looking for cabinetry for a kitchen area, you should consider the clutter that you encounter. Consider factors such as the items are you looking to put into storage. If they are smaller items such as inserts or cutlery, dividers are a great option for easy accessibility.


How can the Cabinet’s Door Design impact Interior Design?


Finding a door style that fits your taste can bring the room together in different ways. Whether it be a modern take or a classic look, choose an option that connects with the style of the rest of the home. For example, if this is for an office space, although it is a self-contained room, it is important for the flow of the home to continue so that it does not feel disconnected as you walk through.  


For retailers, this can change the feel of the room. With transparent doors, it makes the space feel more open and bigger whereas closed off doors may make the room have a tighter feel. Depending on the size of the location and what type of products you are looking to display compared to those you put in storage, this may change the option you go with.


What Cabinet Colours are in Style?


Just like door styles, the colour and finish of the custom cabinetry can play a large role in reflecting the style and in bringing the room together. For personal homes, neutral colours and classic wood finishes are the most popular option as they can serve as classic looks to match the furniture with. They will never go out of style and will continue to increase the value of your home year after year. On the other hand, retailers find that trendy colours and unique looks can be more attractive to potential customers. Thus, bright pops of colour are more popular for this group.


Final Touches


For the last touch, finding hardware that matches your space will help to align the rest of the design in the room. Whether this is a personal home or a retail space, choose whether you want cabinetry that is subtle or one that has hardware juxtaposing the simplicity of the room.




Custom cabinets are beneficial for retailers and for anyone looking for customized cabinetry for personal use. Understanding the factors that help to build up that customization is important so that you can see how it ties your space together. If you are looking to get a quote for displays or cabinetry, contact our team for more information.