About Us

Bel-Par is a combination of Paragon Woodworks (est. 1945), a Vancouver based supermarket fixtures manufacturer, and Bell-Craft Industries (est. 1954), a custom millwork manufacturer.  They consolidated in the Surrey, BC facility in the 1960's and created the reputable company we are today. 

Bel-Par Industries continues the legacy of quality and service with our diversified range of products including Custom Millwork, Store Fixture Displays, and Point of Sale Checkouts.  Bel-Par customers can work alongside our qualified staff to make their visions a reality, from start to finish for all of their retail and commercial needs. 

We offer our clients in Greater Vancouver Area the following custom products: Custom Millwork FabricationCustom Store Fixture FabricationPoint Of Sale CheckoutsBakery Display UnitsProduce Display UnitsFloral Display UnitsWine and Liquor DisplaysMeat, Seafood, & Deli,Custom Display Units.