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Spruce Up Your Supermarket in More Ways Than One!

Jul 04, 2019


Looks don’t mean everything, but when it comes to the first impression you get upon walking into a grocery store, they do say a lot. The layout and aesthetic appeal of a grocery store can help traffic navigate in a way that is cohesive with the overall flow. Stores that are overly cluttered can overwhelm and deter visitors whereas, on the other hand, stores with minimal displays may leave them feeling underwhelmed. Properly displaying items in a way that is inviting to shoppers can help put them at ease and increase the overall contentment associated with their shopping experience.


The displays are the outlet that gives products to shine, however, there are allies that help them do so even further. Sprucing up your grocery displays and giving them that bit of “pizzaz” can really go a long way. With the growth of Vancouver and the shift to a more modern means of living, it’s important to understand shoppers and what they are looking for whilst doing their groceries.


 So, how exactly can you spruce up the overall look of your store's grocery displays?


Light Up Your (Product) Life


Lighting makes a huge difference when it comes to how we perceive the look of something. If displays are not properly lit, customers may miss the products within. On the flip side, displays that are overly lit can hurt the eyes of customers and drive them away. It’s important to have appropriate lighting when it comes to your displays. This will allow products to be visible in a non-aggressive manner. 


If your displays fall in a place within the store that may be dim, lighting will make a substantial difference to consumer perception of what that display encapsulates. Lighting can also change the overall look of a display depending on the style you opt for. Mason jar lighting in certain areas may give off a more rustic feel whereas geometric lighting may give off a more modern vibe. There is a lot of room for creativity with lighting and it is essential when it comes to bringing life to your product displays.


Guide the Way or Educate with Signs


From directional elements that pose high function to quirky signage that gives customers a little chuckle, signs are an integral means of sprucing up your grocery displays. Signage can aid grocery displays by;


  • Providing direction to shoppers 

  • Letting customers know what items are features/available

  • Letting customers know about any current promotions/discounts

  • Reiterating the cost of items


Fresh Colours that Stay on Brand


Painting is something we often do when we want to take a room to the next level - the same goes for grocery displays! While opting to keep display cases a neutral shade or a wood-based tone is still a viable option, some stores want to change up their look even further. Changing up the paint scheme of your grocery displays can seriously change the entire look and feel of the store. Want to take it even further? Match the colour of the displays to colours prevalent in the stores' logo. This method is called branding and will subconsciously remind customers of your business while they are doing their shopping. Reiterating your brand will allow it to be more memorable and can aid in increasing repeat shoppers.


Compliment Your Displays With Your Products


Grocery display cases are meant to complement the products within them, however, it also goes the other way around. Products should be neatly displayed in relative order. For example, having a display case of bananas next to a display case full of chips wouldn’t make all too much sense. Similarly, having too much product bunched up on a display or having too little will also throw consumers off. It’s important to have a strategy in mind when displaying your products. Make sure they are; visible, spaced apart properly, in a relative section, and easy to get to. The displays are there to vamp up your products, however, it’s important to remember that the products are the star!


Know When Enough is Enough


Quality > quantity. While this phrase may be cliche and overused, there's no denying the validity behind it. Having your grocery store stocked with various products is a sure fire way to ensure your shoppers can get everything they need under one roof, however, it’s important to know when to stop. Over-saturating your store with an abundance of displays can overwhelm shoppers and deter them from the original intent of why they went there in the first place - a frustrating occurrence for many. Overdoing it can also make a large store feel cluttered which may riddle shoppers with anxiousness. Maintaining balance is key when it comes to the overall layout of the grocery store at hand.


Grocery display cases are an integral part of a grocery store as they act as an outlet for products to truly shine. Strategizing ways to further do so with displays can sway the impressions of customers and influence their buying decisions.


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