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How Custom Store Displays Have The Power To Influence Your Business

Jun 13, 2019


Have you ever walked by a store and was there something that caught your eye in the first place? That is probably due to the unique display used to showcase the product. Product placement is essential to create visual appeal and draw customer interest. It helps them envision the product just as is at their home.


Customers are the backbone of every retail store and it is important to step up the game to win over new customers and at the same time retain existing ones in order to keep business afloat. Retail store fixtures and displays impact customer experience and brand perception significantly. If you are a small retail business, then you must focus on custom store displays that will enhance customer experience and sales.


An amazing custom display is the best way to entice shoppers to visit your store and look around your products before considering a purchase. Here are a number of ways in which custom displays can visibly benefit your business:


Enhances Store Ambiance

Store displays support your store interior design. They help create a specific ambiance that resonates with the experience you want to deliver. An amazing aspect of store displays is that you can customize them right from the material to the capacity and design. Their aesthetic appeal helps win over customers due to eye-catchy designs and finishes tailored to your stores' interiors.


Strengthens The Brand

A unique customer experience helps elevate your brand value and perception amongst customers. Displays include unique signages and banners which help in featuring a particular product and communicating corresponding information to attract attention. These are known to build brand awareness with their aesthetic appeal as well as the utility offered.


Promotes Products

Displays allow you to strategize and develop merchandising solutions for each product in the inventory that best suits your business sales and marketing objectives. They help in trade promotion activities and displaying featured products in the store to grab more attention and entices customers to make a purchase.


Creates Inspiring Customer Experiences

Custom made store displays not only enhance your store ambiance but also help in delivering unique customer experiences. Such a solution gives you an edge over your competitors. More so, an experience motivates customers to make a purchase and even repurchase a product from your store. Besides delivering the promised value it will be for your business by considerably increasing your sales numbers.


Assists In Buying Process

Convenience is every customer's topmost priority and in-store displays are a great way to offer utility and easy access to the products. Displays open up new avenues for merchandising - which is how they help in guiding customers in store. A well-planned design and layout supports the idea of simplifying the buying process for a customer. This adds to the experience as well as overall customer satisfaction levels with the brand. On top of this, they are an effective tool to direct customers towards high margin products while avoiding in-store theft incidents.


Adds Value To The Product

Attractive store displays elevate the original products value and enable you to sell a product at a higher margin than usual. This is simply because of the fact that the aesthetic appeal creates a strong perception of the product quality in the minds of the customers, making them willing to pay more for it. Investing in creative and unique store displays can impact your bottom line effectively.  


Lowers Cost Of Merchandising

A ready to use custom designed display unit helps keep your costs down. It rules out the possibility for you having to manage the display by appointing an associate for store sales to interact with customers and provide them with information regarding the featured products. This can be very cumbersome if the store traffic is high because it would mean appointing more human resources to increase engagement and drive sales.


Store displays are one of the most distinguishing features of a store. Therefore, the design, appeal and the placement in-store should go hand in hand with the brand message. Every display unit should be customized to the type of business since a standard design wouldn’t work with the inventory available.


Consumer buying patterns have revealed that visual appeal and experience is a primary reason for purchase. Missing out an opportunity in the retail space simply due to not having a custom display for the next featured product line is something you wouldn’t want to sign up for.

At Bel Par, our team of experts can help create, design and engineer the best display units for your business. Contact us to know more!